LOCATION The site is located just off the North West side of the M25.

The address is: Great Westwood Old House, Lane Kings Langley WD4 8RS

The site is a 140 acre woodlands with open fields and some CQB areas. There is a fully stocked bar, catering options and plenty of space for camping.  The site is easy to get to by car.   Simply check Google Maps (or an alternative map service) for directions, using the postcode given above which should take you directly to the site entrance. The nearest train station is Kings Langley, which is a short taxi ride away from the site. There are hotels and B&Bs available in the nearby town of Kings Langley should you prefer this option over camping.

CAMPING.  - There is plenty of space for camping, so there is no need to reserve space. Camping areas are given on a first come, first served basis, and general courtesy is expected when placing your tent - please don't block the entrance to anyone else's tent with your massive 12 man camper van. Camp fires and BBQs are permitted as long as they are raised off the ground and kept under control. Fires built at ground level or directly on the grass will not be permitted as they leave unsightly burn marks afterwards, and all fires must be burned in a suitable container such as a portable BBQ. Extinguishing devices must be kept to hand. Bins will be provided throughout the camping and bar area, and littering will not be tolerated. Clean up after yourselves and leave the site as you found it to ensure we can enjoy another GI weekender next year.

BAR & CATERING - The bar will be open throughout the whole event, however will only be serving alcohol after shooting has finished for the day. Anyone believed to be intoxicated will not be allowed to partake in any Airsoft activities until they regain sobriety, so please drink responsibly.