As well as the team / class specific rules, there will be a number of site rules that apply to everybody throughout the whole weekend. A full safety brief will be given before the game start on Saturday.


  • All players must be signed in to partake in the weekend's events.
  • All weapons must be chronoed by a marshall before use.
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times whilst in the field. Under 18s must use full face protection.
  • Stay within the limits of the game zone, and do not direct fire over any boundaries.
  • In the event of a fire, make your way to the fire rendezvous point. 
  • Use common sense. If the fire rendezvous point is on fire, don't stand next to it. 


  • All weapons must have magazines removed, chambers cleared and selectors on safety at all times outside of the game zone, or if told to "go safe" by a marshall. If your weapon has no safe option, disconnect the magazine and the battery.
  • If engaging a target at less than 10m, use single shot only.
  • Do not fire on full auto for longer than a 3 second burst.
  • Do not blind fire over or around obstacles. Ensure you have a line of sight down your gun before pulling the trigger.
  • When entering a CQB area lower your gun to chest height or below.
  • Do not dry fire in any safe areas.


  • All pyros must be approved by a marshall or have been bought on site. The use of any explosives above a 9mm blank are forbidden.
  • No homemade pyros of any kind.
  • Any heavy case pyros must be rolled or dropped, not thrown.
  • Do not throw pyros at a live target.
  • All explosives have the same in game effect, and count as a kill for anything in a 5m radius of the detonation. Soft cover has no protective effect against grenades.
  • Once a pyro has been ignited, do not pick up, move or interact with the explosive. Do not return to unexploded ordinance.


  • All weapons must be chronoed with a 0.2g bb.
  • Shotguns, pistols and any weapon with burst or full automatic function are limited to 350fps.
  • Semi / bolt action rifles are allowed up to 500fps, but have a strict 30m engagement limit. Breaking this rule will lose you the privilege of using a sniper.


  • The use of strobe functions on torches is prohibited.
  • All lasers must comply to UK safety standards. Only red lasers will be allowed.
  • Lasers must be class 2M or below. If you are unsure, your laser should be marked with its classification.
  • If you wouldn't want it shined in your eyes, don't use it!


  • If your eye protection comes off or is compromised in any way, place your hands over your eyes and call loudly and clearly "Man Down". A marshall will come to your aid.
  • Wear sturdy boots and watch your step. You will be playing on uneven or overgrown ground, so be careful as you move around.
  • The marshalls will all be first aid trained and carrying first aid kits. If there is an incident, call loudly and clearly "Man Down" to attract a marshall.


  • Anyone found breaking our rules will be removed from the game zone, and if necessary removed from site. There are no exceptions.
  • Airsoft is a game of trust. Take your hits, go back to respawn and re-enter the game in a matter of minutes. There is no reason to cheat.
  • Honourable play will be recognised and rewarded. Make this a great game for everyone involved.
  • If you have an issue with another player, do not act upon it yourself. Take it up with a marshall. It is their job to deal with it so you don't have to.